Welcome to TLC Counseling and Wellness Studio

TLC Counseling and Wellness Studio is a unique center for therapy, coaching, and body work.  If you’ve tried other therapy in the past and had minimal or short lasting results, you’re ready to experience holistic, cutting edge treatment that produces fast, long lasting results.

Do you want to…

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs?
  • Find the relationship of your choice? 
  • Stop the endless cycle of broken promises to yourself  and other people?
  • Achieve and maintain your ideal weight?
  • Let go of limiting beliefs about yourself that are holding you back?
  • Put an end to self sabotage?
  • Excel at your career?
  • Recover from depression and anxiety?
  • Heal from the trauma or medical problems that leaves you feeling alone and hopeless? 
  • Stop self sabotage?
  • Get unstuck and move toward your goals?

Personal Development

Are you looking for a different kind of therapy?  

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TLC Counseling and Wellness Studio offers psychotherapy and wellness services for adults, couples and groups.  You can chose from traditional therapy, or energy psychology based coaching.  Relaxing, but effective body work such as Reiki and IET are available to further clear the body of stress and anxiety and  promote healing. If you have been searching for a new therapist or a more holistic approach to therapy or if you have issues that don’t get better no matter how much therapy you have had, call today to see if this cutting edge method if right for you.