Are you searching for a completely individualized, effective and holistic way to heal your emotional and physical pain?  Have you tried other therapy or coaching in the past with limited success?  Have you developed insight from previous therapy but still can’t seem to change unwanted patterns or behaviors?   Do you want to achieve your ideal weight and maintain it for life?  Do you want to find the relationship of your choice or get happily married?  Would you like to stop sabotaging yourself and finally reach your goals? 

My name is Tracey Cardello, I am a licensed clinical social worker and I work differently.  I practice a unique blend of traditional, insight oriented, talk therapy, combined with cutting-edge energy psychology, the Enneagram NLP techniques, applied kinesiology, spirituality and original scientific research.  

I can help you where other therapy has failed.  

Energy psychology balances Western thought and techniques with Eastern philosophy and healing methods in order to help you find your center and realign with your inner self.    I teach you to balance your overactive thoughts and silence your limiting beliefs.  You will systematically find and heal unconscious patterns so you can finally achieve your goals. What good is therapy if you only ever develop insight, but can’t change your behavior? I guide you to uncover and heal the interference patterns that are standing between you and your goals.


Are you searching for better therapy? 

TLC Counseling and Wellness Studio offers traditional talk therapy, life coaching and cutting-edge energy psychology including HBLU ( healing from the body level up). This is the only place on Long Island to offer HBLU,  the groundbreaking mind-body healing method that won the ACEP 2015 award for innovations in energy psychology.  Relax and soothe your soul with  Reiki or IET.   

If you have tried traditional therapy in the past and gained insight but not control, then I encourage you to try energy psychology.  Talk therapy has long been the gold standard.  Until now.  The goal of most therapy is to help people gain control over uncomfortable symptoms, behavior, or feelings.  Most therapy encourages clients to find and change the unconscious motivation that keeps them stuck.  For example, “I know I shouldn’t eat this and I don’t want to, but I can’t help myself”.  Or  “I find myself doing things I don’t want to do even though I promise myself I’ll stop”.    The unconscious is strong and even though we consciously tell ourselves we are in control, the unconscious mind is responsible for about 80% of our behavior.

The Unconscious mind is the key to lasting change

I see the goal of therapy as ultimately aligning the conscious mind, unconscious, body and soul. When all parts of you are on the same page, sharing the same goals and moving in the same direction, life is smooth and drama free.   When part of you wants something that another part is afraid of, there is conflict and its harder to achieve goals.  If your conscious mind wants to be healthy, but your unconscious is sabotaging you because your body has suffered trauma, it’s going to be hard to get control over your weight.  Similarly, if you want to find true lasting love, but you’ve had some bad breakups or seen your parents in abusive relationships, it is going to be hard for you to stay on track and reach your goals because the fear of getting hurt will limit you.  

Energy psychology systematically finds and heals the issues that are interfering with your happiness. Call today for a consultation or sign up for our newsletter.


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