Welcome to TLC Counseling and Wellness Studio.

Are you searching for a completely individualized, effective and holistic way to heal your emotional and physical pain? Do you want to achieve your ideal weight and maintain it for life?  Do you want to get happily married or find the relationship of your choice? Would you like to stop sabotaging yourself and finally reach your goals? My name is Tracey Cardello, I am a licensed clinical social worker and I practice a unique kind of energy psychology blended with the most effective NLP techniques. I can help you balance your overactive thoughts, and silence your limiting beliefs so you can finally achieve your goals. What good is therapy if you only ever develop insight. but can’t change your behavior? I guide you to uncover and heal the interference patterns that are standing between you and your goals. How can I help you? It’s called HBLU, and it’s amazing.


What makes TLC different? 

TLC Counseling and Wellness Studio offers traditional talk therapy, life coaching and cutting-edge energy psychology including HBLU ( healing from the body level up). This is the only place on Long Island to offer HBLU,  the groundbreaking mind-body healing method that won the ACEPS 2015 award for innovations in energy psychology.  Relax and soothe your soul with  Reiki or IET to add to your healing experience.   If you have been searching for a new therapist or a more holistic approach to therapy or if you have issues that don’t get better no matter how much therapy you have had, call to set up a consultation today.

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