About Me

Meet Tracey Cardello

I started my career in mental health by working at an eight-bed halfway house for chronically mentally ill adults when I was 19.  I guess you could say I have always known that helping people is what I was meant to do. I've worked my way up from the bottom of the ladder, working with many types of clients, populations, and issues.   I have always valued the ongoing education it takes to stay on top and I continue to educate myself to bring you the most current, cutting edge interventions available.   As a coach, I blend motivational exercises with experiential therapy such as movement and journaling with Energy Psychology techniques to rapidly and permanently shift perception and behavior.  I first learn about the various fields of energy psychology in 2013 and it opened up a whole new world for me.   I was so impressed by the results, that I began training in this new and exciting method of healing.   I am passionate about the rapid yet gentle, simple yet elegant techniques.  I am happy to be able to bring this cutting edge healing modality to the log island area.  I want to help you reach your goals, follow your dreams and never ever back away from a challenge.  You can follow this link to learn more about energy psychology.

Here are a few other things about me:

  • I earned my BS in psychology and women's studies from Nova Southeastern University in 1994 and my MSW from Florida International University in 1997.
  • I have been in private practice since Oct 2001.
  • I have advanced training  EMDR and EFT (meridian tapping), and HBLU
  • I am an AFFA certified personal trainer and wellness enthusiast.