Energy Psychology

Energy psychology(EP)is a family of integrative approaches to psychotherapy, coaching and healthcare which integrate the conscious, unconscious, body and soul. These methods are helping people around the world get rapid relief from trauma, phobias, stress, limiting beliefs, addictions, depression and other emotional problems and much more.  There are many types of energy psychology. I practice Emotional freedom technique and HBLU. By working with the body-mind system as a whole, energy psychology facilitates rapid positive change and optimal psychotherapeutic outcomes.  It is supported by research and approved by the American Psychological Association.

The Seven Chakras


Are you looking to make rapid changes and take charge of your life? Are you tired of suffering with symptoms while traditional therapy takes time?

The “energy” in energy psychology refers to  meridians, chakras, and the biofield.  Meridians are natural energy paths in the body.  They are the basis of Chinese medicine. There are twelve primary meridens in the body. Chakras are the seven energy wheels in the body according to Ayurvedic tradition.   The biofield is the energy that extends out from and around the body.


Emotional freedom technique allows you to regulate and calm your internal state and reduce feelings of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and even cravings by tapping on the endpoints of these meridians. It is very effective in treating traumatic memories, eating disorder symtoms and food addiction. Tapping can be learned very quickly by new clients to help them manage stress and improve functioning between sessions. You are teaching your body to override the fight, flight or freeze response by inducing a calming response instead. This gives you a sense of control over symptoms. People enjoy EFT for the fast results it gives them.

Healing from the Body Level Up or HBLU™ is a unique and effective mind/body/spirit healing methodology that can help you get unstuck and eliminate unnecessary suffering and struggle by clearing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks to success so you can finally achieve your goals! Dr. Swack integrated original research and biomedical science with state of the art techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Psychology (EFT), hypnosis, psychology, spiritual traditions and more to treat a wide range of blocks from simple phobias to complex dysfunctional family system patterns.
HBLU™ works by tapping into the soul’s deepest wisdom (using muscle testing) to lead the healing and identify patterns that block you. HBLU™ then accesses a menu of mind body spirit therapies and techniques to find the one that eliminate these patterns at all levels. By doing this, people have achieved exceptional results in a short amount of time even when other methods have failed.

(***explanation taken directly from HBLU website)