Let me tell you a little bit about me.

I started my mental health career at the age of 19 working at an eight-bed halfway house for adults with chronic mental illness in Newburg, NY. I saw the way mental health is marginalized by putting the least qualified people in charge of the most difficult cases. I wanted to make a difference and help people change their lives. I’ve worked my way up from the bottom of the ladder, working with many different settings with different types of clients, populations, and issues. I have trained in many different types of theories and techniques. I believe this field requires constant attention to education in order to be useful.


“I blend traditional insight-oriented talk therapy with motivational, experiential, and energy psychology techniques to rapidly and permanently shift perception and behavior.”

I earned my MSW in 1997 and moved to Long Island to work at the prestigious Renfrew Center which specializes in women’s mental health and eating disorders. I received wonderful supervision and learned about eating disorders and trauma. I pursued postgraduate training in Object Relations and later, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. In 2000 I began building a private practice so that I could spend more time with clients and practice in a more relaxed setting.


I discovered “tapping” by accident and that led me to a whole branch of psychology I didn’t know existed. Energy psychology addresses the mind-body connection better than any other theory. It is 100% personalized.


I am passionate about the rapid yet gentle, simple yet elegant techniques because I can see the difference they have made in my life and in the lives of my clients. I am happy to be able to bring this cutting-edge healing modality to the long island area. I can help you reach your goals, follow your dreams and never ever back away from a challenge.


You can follow this link to learn more about energy psychology. Here are a few other things about me:

  • I earned my BS in psychology and women’s studies from Nova Southeastern University in 1994 and my MSW from Florida International University in 1997.
  • I have been in private practice since Oct 2001.
  • I completed postgraduate work at NYSPP in NYC
  • I attended the International Institute for object relations theory In Port Washington NY
  • I presented a research paper on attachment theory and HIV AIDs and Vulnerable populations in 2008.
  • I have advanced training  EMDR, CBT, EFT (meridian tapping), and HBLU
  • I was on the board of NEDA LI in 2006
  • I am an AFFA certified personal trainer and wellness enthusiast.