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    Adult attachment and relationships

    The quality of adult relationships hinges on a number of factors including adult attachment. Do you ever look at the couples around you and wonder how they stay together? I’m impressed by couples who seem to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and commitment to their relationship. A lot of couples aren’t so happy. Many have a difficult time because of outside circumstances or situations of their own making. Relationships are hard because we each bring our own unique perspective and psychology to them. We each believe our perspective is the correct one and we each feel like what we give is more significant than what we get in…

  • avoidant attachment

    Avoidant attachment in relationships

    [et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text] Avoidant Attachment People with an avoidant attachment style give the impression that relationships aren’t important to them. They see themselves as fiercely independent and tend to prefer many casual relationships to one serious one. They can be dismissive and drive people away with their avoidance of intimacy. They worry they will be trapped in a relationship or miss a better opportunity. They are relieved when their partner wants to keep things casual and may not even have much reaction to seeing their partner flirt with other people. Although they may seem callous, internally they are craving a stable loving relationship. They push people away to avoid the pain…

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    Anxious Attachment and Relationships

    Anxious attachment People with an anxious attachment style worry their love won’t be there when they need them. This fear drives their anxiety. They rely on constant contact and affirmation from their partner. They have keen instincts about relationships and a sixth sense about disappointment or waning interest. They tend to be preoccupied with their social media, checking voicemail, email and texts with great frequency. They may want to text you to stay connected through the day. They are prone to feelings of jealousy because they are insecure that they can rely on their partner to stay faithful. While it may appear on the surface that people with anxious attachment…

  • attachment and relationships

    Attachment and Relationships

    Intimate relationships are the foundation of life. Through them, we learn who we are, how to see the world, and how to interact with people. The ability to form and exist in relationship with other people determines the success of families, couples, careers, and society. From the time we are babies we are biologically driven to stay close to our caregivers. This closeness is necessary to insure survival. At the biological level close proximity assures that food, safety, shelter, and comfort will all be delivered as quickly as possible when the infant cries out. The more attuned the mother is to the babies needs, the less discomfort the baby endures…

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    Mental health awareness blog 3

    May is mental health awareness month     This is the last installment of the three-part blog series.  If you’ve been following along, you’re up to 20 days of creative self-care and happiness boosting suggestions.  For more information about therapy with Tracey  20.  Stop putting so much weight on other peoples’ opinion of you. What people think has more to do with them than it does with you. Be a trailblazer. 21.  Clear the air. Burn sage to clear out old stuffy energy. 22.  Stop saying you can’t. You don’t have to justify your situation. You face many challenges in life. Don’t hang onto your limitations. 23. Meditate every day. Just 10 minutes…

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    Mental health awareness blog 2 keep the care going.

    Happy ongoing mental health awareness. All month I’ve been talking with people about adding self-care to their routine.  We’re in the 3rd installment of my blogs for mental health awareness month and I’m happy to say that clients are saying they feel better having a daily task that’s all about them. 9.  Say a positive affirmation. An affirmation is a thought you want to believe, but don’t. Start with something manageable like “I am becoming the person I want to be.” Or “things are always working out for me.” You can add and make adjustments as you go. 10.  Start your morning with a big glass of cold water. Hydrate your…

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    May is mental health awareness month

    In honor of mental health awareness month, I decided to blog a daily idea for improving your outlook and lifting yourself out of depression, sadness, anxiety, loss, betrayal, or anger.  Frequently the focus of mental health is actually illness.  I want to direct the conversation toward health, positivity, and self love. So here is this weeks list.  Stop comparing yourself to other people. You are unique and unlike anyone else. When you compare yourself, you ignore your inner self and limit your self-expression. Be you. Set goals for yourself.  Every day.  Set one small goal to be happy. Keep yourself always moving forward. Smile in the mirror. Yes. Smile at yourself.  It will make…

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    geopathic stress and wellness

    Energetic disturbances in the environment can affect your physical, mental health and wellness.  Geopathic stress is placed on the body when you live or work around weak electromagnetic fields cured by underground streams, fault lines, caverns or certain minerals. Some early symptoms are restlessness, headaches, insomnia, and fatigue. Over time these symptoms can grow into more serious health concerns including Multiple sclerosis, (MS) Chronic Fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, cancer, and emotional or behavioral problems. If the body is not able to rest and repair through healthy sleep patterns, it cannot perform the necessary metabolic processes, repair cells damage, fight infection or properly absorb nutrients. Instead, the body must use its energy…

  • Employee and Employer

    Improve your employer and employee relationship.

    Do you want to improve your employer and employee relationship? Are you looking to become a likable leader? It doesn’t matter if you have movie star good looks, what matters is the quality of your relationships. For a company to perform optimally, it’s important to feel comfortable with the company’s leadership. If you have a good employer and employee relationship, you will be motivated to perform better and work harder. A likable leader interacts well, is respectful and gets results. The better your employer and employee relationship are, the stronger your company will be. Day to day interactions means a lot. Good communication, timeliness and keeping your word are crucial…