• Eating Disorder

    National eating disorder awareness week

    This week marks national eating disorder awareness week.  Eating disorders are complicated mental health and societal issues.  The National Eating Disorder Association NEDA estimates that 30 million Americans suffer from a full-blown eating disorder.   Many more struggle with food addiction, compulsive overeating, binge eating and other eating disorders that never get counted because people deal with them silently.  This year’s theme is Let’s get Real.  Addressing stigma and honestly discussing eating disorders are at the forefront of prevention and early treatment. Some of the signs to watch out for: Emotional preoccupation with food, calories, food, carbs, fat, or dieting overconcern with health or healthy foods obsessing about appearance, size, shape or perceived body flaws refusing…

  • Energy Psychology

    Tapping into Energy Psychology 101

    I discovered energy psychology by accident. I knew someone who was scheduled for surgery and I was curious about alternative treatments that would aid healing. I read about acupuncture, then acupressure, Reiki, and IET. Finally, I found meridian tapping. Tapping was completely new to me. Without reading too much about it, I registered for a weekend seminar. I needed continuing ed credits, I was curious and it wasn’t too far.  I was in the minority. Other attendees were knowledgeable and excited about the meridian tapping technique. I sat through the class and practiced on my peers and myself.  At first, I felt nothing. I was skeptical and full of criticism. As the…

  • News

    Wanna know a secret?

    As a therapist, I spend the majority of my time, listening to people.  I rarely talk.  When I do, clients usually care about what I have to say.  That said, I rarely come under fire for what I think or say.  Writing a blog is different.  Your words are out there (theoretically) for the whole world to judge and criticize or rebuff if they want to.  The internet is an ugly place.  It’s anonymity brings out the worst in people.  I try my best to stay away from social media, most of the time to avoid the animosity that seems to permeate every platform.  But, I really want to write.  I have…