• secure couple

    Adult attachment and relationships

    The quality of adult relationships hinges on a number of factors including adult attachment. Do you ever look at the couples around you and wonder how they stay together? I’m impressed by couples who seem to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and commitment to their relationship. A lot of couples aren’t so happy. Many have a difficult time because of outside circumstances or situations of their own making. Relationships are hard because we each bring our own unique perspective and psychology to them. We each believe our perspective is the correct one and we each feel like what we give is more significant than what we get in…

  • Eating Disorder

    National eating disorder awareness week

    This week marks national eating disorder awareness week.  Eating disorders are complicated mental health and societal issues.  The National Eating Disorder Association NEDA estimates that 30 million Americans suffer from a full-blown eating disorder.   Many more struggle with food addiction, compulsive overeating, binge eating and other eating disorders that never get counted because people deal with them silently.  This year’s theme is Let’s get Real.  Addressing stigma and honestly discussing eating disorders are at the forefront of prevention and early treatment. Some of the signs to watch out for: Emotional preoccupation with food, calories, food, carbs, fat, or dieting overconcern with health or healthy foods obsessing about appearance, size, shape or perceived body flaws refusing…