• woman with depression because of infidelity in her relationship

    Is holding a grudge really that bad?

    HBLU allows you to find the reactions you may not be aware of and correct them in a matter of minutes. This allows a deep level of understanding and shifts the way you feel about your experience. Healing occurs on the conscious, unconscious, body and soul level of your being and symptoms disappear. Symptoms are your body’s alarm system telling you that one thing is wrong. Many therapies simply teach you to cope with symptoms, or use medication to mask symptoms. HBLU interviews the symptom, uses muscle testing to find the root cause of it and heals it with a corrective, energetic intervention. You know an issue is clear when…

  • Energy psychology

    What is Energy Psychology?

    The term energy psychology refers to an innovative set of techniques that use the human energy system to heal the mind, body, and soul. Our physical bodies consist of a skeleton, organs, glands, and muscles, etc. We also have an energy system that consists of meridians, chakras, and the biofield. Energy psychology draws from eastern techniques of touching, tapping or holding these energy centers to stimulate, move and clean energy fields. This can cause dramatic and lasting changes in a person’s feelings, beliefs, behaviors or mental state. Going further into Energy Psychology Most energy psychology synthesizes aspects of muscle testing, borrowed from applied kinesiology, neurolinguistic programming, psychology, and biomedical science…