• secure couple

    Adult attachment and relationships

    The quality of adult relationships hinges on a number of factors including adult attachment. Do you ever look at the couples around you and wonder how they stay together? I’m impressed by couples who seem to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and commitment to their relationship. A lot of couples aren’t so happy. Many have a difficult time because of outside circumstances or situations of their own making. Relationships are hard because we each bring our own unique perspective and psychology to them. We each believe our perspective is the correct one and we each feel like what we give is more significant than what we get in…

  • Long Distance Relationships

    How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship?

    What are the tips for maintaining a long distance relationship? Relationships have their share of issues and conflicts in any of the normal situations. Even a healthy relationship has its share of ups and downs. If the relation is long distance relationship, then there is more chance of falling out. In fact, it is a distance which causes a gulf between the lovebirds, who are inseparable. Not always a long distance relationship has disadvantages. It also has pros. If distance separates you, your relationship will grow stronger each day. You will be missing each other and would like to do certain things to make the other happy. Long distance may…