Traditional Talk Therapy

Sigmund Freud was the first to use talk therapy to cure people of their neurosis in the late 1800’s. He dubbed it ” the talking cure” More than 150 years later, there are dozens of therapies that all begin with talking. As you begin to talk about your problems, you will gain insight into your role, learn how your history impacts your present situation and how to see other points of view. Discuss your issues in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  I believe you are the expert on you.  I play the role of guide, or “Sherpa” as we explore your situation and look at it from many different points of view. My expertise is the road map we use to find new ways of dealing with stress, relationships, and your personal history, Learn to manage and develop new coping skills while you learn about yourself and improve your relationships.

Group therapy

Relax and share ideas with like-minded women dealing with similar issues.  My groups focus on women’s issues, aging, divorce and dating, food and body image and life-changing events such as aging parents and children.


Healing from the body level up is a mind, body and soul level therapy. It draws upon the teachings of energy psychology, neurolinguistic programming, applied kinesiology, Feel into your body for hidden clues to buried pain. I teach you to connect with your deepest wisdom through applied kinesiology in order to gain insight beyond your conscious awareness.