Tracey Cardello

Welcome to TLC Counseling and Wellness Studio!

If you’re seeking a life-changing new form of therapy that can succeed where other methods have failed, I invite you to keep reading.  

My name is Tracey Cardello, LCSW. I am a psychotherapist and energy healer. 

I practice a custom combination of traditional talk therapy and cutting-edge energy healing.

I help my patients heal from the body level up, using a mind, body and soul holistic approach.

In other words, I work differently. 

Is Energy Psychology Right for Me?

Ask yourself if this sounds like you:

  • Are you searching for a completely personalized, effective and holistic way to heal your emotional and physical pain?
  • Did your experience with traditional therapy or life coaching help, but with limited success?
  • Did you gain insight or awareness but still continue to struggle with destructive or unsatisfying behavior?

In other words, you are ready to go a step further.

  So what’s the solution?

  • Are you ready to put an end to the old patterns of emotional gridlock? 
  • Are you ready to stamp out all the negative outlooks, destructive behavior, and self-sabotage?
  • Are you finally ready to experience your full potential and live your best life?

Then you’re ready for a real transformation. 

That’s precisely what I can offer you.

What is Energy Psychology? 

Energy psychology combines the most effective parts of Eastern and Western philosophy and technique.

It blends components of traditional talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the energy systems in the body to find old, trapped emotions that have been festering in your body.

Here’s the clinical definition:

Energy Psychology is the blanket term for a group of psychotherapeutic self-help methods, based in the idea that patients can reduce the stress-causing hormone cortisol, activate stress-reducing genes, normalize aberrant brainwave patterns, increase levels of serotonin endorphins, and other pleasure-inducing neurotransmitters.”

Is it Scientific?

Yes, the scientific evidence for energy therapy grows every day.  

Over 300 articles and studies have demonstrated the real-world benefits of complementary therapies like those that make-up energy psychology. (More about the science can be read here. ( )

Okay, But What is Energy Therapy Really Like?

Allow me to answer this with a visual exercise. 

Imagine a butterfly— the ultimate symbol of transformation.  The archetype of metamorphosis that we all relate to on a primordial level.

The butterfly begins as a caterpillar, hobbling along through life before heading into hibernation.  It later sheds its cocoon and emerges a magnificent butterfly. 

For animals, the metamorphosis is natural. They are deeply attuned with their primal selves.  They listen to instinct, and it serves them well. 

But we, as people, can’t help but cloud our instincts with crippling self-doubt and over-analysis.  

While some skepticism and vigilance can be healthy, it often gets in the way of embracing our fundamental nature…the inner strength that defines our individual Truth.

Traditional therapy can develop you from the simple caterpillar into the more advanced butterfly.  

And that’s a reasonable goal.

But I want you to aim higher.  

Together, I know we can rapidly and permanently shift your perception and behavior. 

My goal is to take you beyond the butterfly stage, and transform you into a fully-evolved phoenix— awakening all the raw potential of your most powerful, harmonious and successful self!

 What’s wrong with the Traditional Approach to Mental Health?

Don’t get me wrong—traditional therapy can be helpful, but if you could improve its impact on your life, wouldn’t you?

When done right, energy therapy is pure and transformative.  

Just like any scientific discipline, the practice of psychology has evolved throughout the decades, improving with professional scrutiny, experimentation, and incorporation of the best of ancient traditions and modern paradigms. 

But the traditional path to changing your life can be slow and preoccupied with textbook labeling of your condition and over-treating it with pharmaceutical drugs. 

The mental health system, in its effort to reduce stigma, has also reduced personal power.  

The traditional approach overemphasizes the biological basis of illness. This can make the ability to change seem daunting.  

After all, how can you overcome your biology?  

Energy therapy represents the next evolution in the science and practice of psychology.

How does my approach to therapy actually work?

I help my clients succeed by combining the best talk-therapy methods with energy work.  Instead of focusing on memory alone, we focus on memory and disturbances in the energy system. 

Today’s research increasingly demonstrates how our beliefs, actions, and environment influences our biology.  In other words, we are not predetermined by our physical genetics alone.

The body and mind are inextricably connected and require a holistic approach to optimize and nurture that connection.

TLC Counseling and Wellness Studio embraces these principles and applies a holistic approach that leverages our relationship with the spirit, the mind and environmental energies that influence and shape us. 

I can help you accelerate and deepen your transformation with a comprehensive deconstruction of your issues— from top to bottom. 

I use proven strategies to overcome unconscious barriers, destructive patterns and negative emotions that interfere with creating your most fulfilling life.

My approach is cathartic because it heals you while empowering you with strength and wisdom.

Specifically, my practice of dynamic energy psychology includes of the Enneagram personality chart, NLP techniques, applied kinesiology, spirituality, energy tapping, and cutting-edge scientific research.  (More on these proven techniques here.)

You get the best of both worlds— a powerful synthesis of the best available therapy methods, old and new.

You will reclaim ownership of your life, and change negative experiences into insight and strength.  

Now that’s powerful.

What can energy therapy do for me, specifically?

With any therapy, your results can range from small changes to life-altering revolutionary improvements. 

TLC Counseling and Wellness Studio Can Help You:

  • Overcome a problem like anxiety, depression, or an eating disorder.
  • Achieve peace with any toxic aspects of your past.
  • Improve your relationships with coworkers, friends and loved ones.
  • Develop confidence and leadership skills,
  • Excel in your career, hobbies, and passions. 
  • Overcome procrastination to achieve your goals.
  • Embrace inspiration and motivation to stay driven and successful.
  • Achieve weight loss and your optimal fitness level.
  • Take control of your finances and grow your wealth.
  • Learn to love yourself, and finally become the best and happiest version of YOU.

This Sounds Great!  How Can I Schedule an Appointment? 

If you’re ready to transform your life, I encourage you to reach out for a consultation.  

Working together, we will transform your experiences, correct the emotional and energetic disturbance they have created, and give them new meaning. 

Our confidential sessions take place in a welcoming and professional environment. 

I will work to heal your mind body and soul using a proven, all-encompassing holistic approach.